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DISTANCE: 32.19 km                                TEHNICAL SECTION: 1100 m

ASCENT: 2.163 m                                      GRAVEL ROAD: 1500 m

DESCENT: 1.615 m                                    ASPHALT: 720 m

TIME LIMIT:                                               TRAIL: 28.878 m

AID STATIONS: 4                                       TOTAL: 32.198 m


Dear runners on the trail Veliki Točak:

- your trail is marked with RED color markings, small flags and signal tape

- from the start, trail follows city streets for 600 m, and after that you are at real trail path

- next 3 km trail goes down below Varoš village, and climbing along rock formations

- at fourth km, trail enters pine grove forest, and after 2 km comes out to inhabited area Mihaljevići (Badanj)

- trail climbs to village Siverić, where on 7.1th km is time control, and after it follows frontier of the village, from where climbs steeply to pass and goes next to the Sv. Nediljica chappel

- after 1 km from chappel, 9.6th km, tehre is aid station and control point VAROŠKI GAJ

- next two km (up to 11.6 km) it's constantly ascent, singletrack, and at the end of ascent there is control point

- from 12th km, trail is downhill up to 14th km and it's following through abandoned village Ivazi (control point)

- from Ivazi, trail goes uphill toward aid station and time control PLANINARSKI DOM – TL 4h

- 350m from the hut, trail takes a hard right turn to the trail that goes higher to Čavnovka peak (1148m), from there trail follows mountain path that goes down to gravel road, and after 250m uphill follows old mining road around Orlovac peak (camera control), then down to bauxite diggings (red clay road)

- at 21.8th km, there is aid station and time limit control RUDNIK – TL 5h

- from aid station, trail is hard technical downhill, known as „ small ferata Sajla“, and it's going down to 23.5th km

- from 23.5th km, it's uphill over Mijalovac wellspring, up to aid station and time limit control VELIKI TOČAK – TL 6:15h

- next two km, it's singletrack downhill to „Crrvena zemlja“ (control point), than again uphill to Veliki Točak

- from Veliki točak, it's uphill over Kozarine area (control point) to meadows, and next 1.5km to finish outside of PD Promina hut

- check in at every control point is a must, if not, runner will be disqualified

We wish you plesant and safe running on trail.

Pictures from ProminaTrek-a 2016

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